Comfort Food Italian Style

Raise your hand anyone who gives in at least once in a while to the pleasure that only a beautiful chocolate cake can give! Let's talk about comfort food: the food that pampers!

Comfort food is that food, that dish that refreshes the soul and the body, the dish that after a hard day, has the power to make us feel protected, pampered and satisfied.

Comfort food consoles, cuddles, and satisfies both our physical and above all our emotional needs, it can make up for the moments of physical and emotional stress that each of us accumulates during the day.


To Each Their Own Comfort Food

There is no comfort food suitable for everyone, each of us trusts their weaknesses, compensates for their shortcomings in a particular dish, because it is linked to sensations to very personal memories, and can be identified in that apple pie that your grandmother always made, that dish of the heart that you have prepared for years for Sunday lunch, that food related to your childhood, which at the same time makes your children come back home to a happy place and a happy memory. Lasagna for example, apple pie, pizza ... anything can be comfort food, from junk food to traditional dishes.

Let's discover 5 Italian comfort food recipes to pamper us a bit:

  1. Lasagna with Veggies and Tofu: This easy meat free lasagna recipe is both simple to follow and fast to make and can easily be doubled in portions to feed a flock. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who wants to cut down on calories on the traditional lasagna, find the recipe here.
  2. Pasta and Potatoes (Past'e patate)This is a healthy, southern Italian recipe combining pasta and potatoes and is typical of the Campania region. It's simple to make, very cheap (especially without the bacon) and very satisfying! Here is our recipe.
  3. Parmigiana di Melanzane: Aubergine Parmigiana is an Italian must-try! This classic baked, veggie dish combines the rich, earthy taste of aubergines with the juicy, sunny tang of tomato and basil sauce. Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese complete this dish and give it that extra, rounded flavour, typical of Italian cuisine. Here's our recipe.
  4. Tiramisù: Tiramisù as you probably know, is a creamy, mascarpone-based cake that lays on a bed of coffee-dipped biscuits and that has the silkiness of an “al cucchiaio” dessert (one of those scrumptious desserts you just have to eat with a spoon straight from the dish). Made well (make sure you stick to the recipe) nothing can beat it! Find 5 fantastic Tiramisù recipes here.
  5. Modican Chocolate Pancakes: A must for chocolate lovers, Modican chocolate is a chocolate full of history made following ancient manual Aztec methods, brought to Modica, Sicily by the Spanish in the 16th century. No one else produces chocolate in this way anywhere in the world and no other chocolate tastes quite like this. Needless to say it makes an exquisite, rich chocolate sauce perfect for pouring in abundance over a stack of chocolate pancakes! Here's our recipe.

Do you have a favourite Italian comfort food? Let us know and we will share your recipe!

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