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    This hamper is perfect for budding chefs who love to create meals with quality, speciality ingredients – especially natural organic products. We’ve travelled all over Italy to find wonderful organic delights from multi award winning organic oil which will add incredible flavour to any dish, to organic capers from the far-flung Salina island off Sicily!

    What’s Inside
    • Organic Whole Wheat Penne Rigate Pasta (500g) Organic whole wheat pasta, bronze die cut, dried at low temperatures and made in Gragnano the birthplace of dry pasta, our Pasta Gragnanese Penne Rigate not only taste better and retain all of their goodness when cooked, they also have plenty of surface area to absorb the flavour and liquid of the sauce with which it they are served. Penne rigate are medium length tubes with their ends cut at an angle (like a quill or fountain pen) and with deep ridges (rigatura) are said to have originated in Campania and are a perfect shape for all sauces.
    • Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti Pasta (500g) Organic whole wheat Spaghetti, bronze die cut, dried at low temperatures and made in Gragnano the birthplace of dry pasta! In the dictionary of Nicolò Tommaseo e Bernardo Bellini from 1819 the word spaghetti already exists. The name comes from the size and similarity to a small piece of sting (spago).
    • Organic Egg Fettuccine with Truffle (250g) Our fettuccine have been hand made in Italy’s Marche region and flavoured with aromatic, black summer truffle. Season with light sauces or even better with extra virgin olive oil or butter, and a sprinkling of cheese of your choice.
    • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) Giovanni Marvulli’s 'Cenzino' extra virgin olive oil from Matera, Basilicata is both healthy and full of flavour. It is a certified, multi award winning extra virgin oil, fruity with a distinct almond after taste and an elegant aroma.
    • Organic Balsamic Vinegar from Modena (250ml) A great tasting 6 year oldbalsamic vinegar with a distinct sweet and sour flavour made with only certified organic grapes.
    • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Mandarin (250ml) Created by pressing sweet, organic Calabrian mandarins together with organic, single estate Ottobratica olives, this unique olive oil is beautifully balanced, tasty and healthy. It is very low in acidity (just 0.2%) and high in polyphenols.
    • Organic Borlotti Beans (300g) The hearty and nutritious Borlotti bean is widely used in Italian cooking. The beans are large and plump and when raw, ivory in colour with reddish-brown streaks. They take on a darker colour when cooked and the interior becomes floury. Borlotti beans are free from cholesterol and particularly rich in protein. They are perfect in soups, stews, pasta dishes and risottos.
    • Raw Capers in Sea Salt (250g) The Aeolian Island of Salina, one and a half hours north of Sicily, produces the finest capers in the world. The capers grow naturally and are of course organic, they are also a Slow Food product. Capers will add a natural richness and depth of flavour to all your favourite sauces, soups, salads, stews, rice and pasta dishes.
    • Organic Tomato and Vegetable Pasta Sauce (200g) Alce Nero ready to use tomato and vegetable sauce is made with vegetables from Italy and with plump tomatoes from the Po Delta in the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna. The tomatoes are harvested at just the right level of ripeness and processed within eight hours on average in order to preserve all the flavour, aroma, and nutrients.
    • Organic Arrabiata Pasta Sauce (200g) This ready to use tomato-based sauce is made from sweet Italian tomatoes and spicy chilli pepper – it’s perfect if you like your pasta just a little ‘arrabiata’ or ‘angry’ – it has a kick but is not too fiery!
    • Organic Creamy Truffle Sauce (90g) A delicious cheesy truffle sauce, made with black summer truffle and organic Grana Padano cheese. This sauce is perfect on all types of pasta with a little broth or water from the pasta added in making a little go a long way! Delicious too spread on toast or bruschette.
    • Organic Millefiori Tuscan Honey (250g) The perfect honey for every use; dark, thick, crystalized with a rich sweet finish. It is a high energy food, perfect spread on buttered toast for breakfast and delicious with most cheeses.
    • Organic Truffle Oil (55ml) This white truffle oil is made with extra virgin olive oil and flavoured with white truffles. It has an incredible aroma and is wonderful when added to pasta, drizzled on to meat or a pizza, it will give an amazing truffle kick to your dishes.
    • Organic Liquorice Powder (80g) Naturally sweet and full of flavour, this liquorice powder is a fantastic ingredient for experimenting with in the kitchen. This powder is ground from the organically grown liquorice root in Calabria. It gives an incredible aniseed flavour to your recipes and can be used in desserts such as chocolate mousse, Tiramisu, ice cream and semi-freddo, in risottos, pasta dishes (or even to flavour fresh pasta dough), and in a variety of meat and fish dishes.
    • San Marzano Plum Tomatoes (314g) These super-sweet organic peeled tomatoes are said to be the finest tomatoes in the world! Organically grown in Puglia (just outside the PDO region) Paolo Petrilli tomatoes are the choice of top chefs around the world, served in Italy's finest restaurants and in London's River Cafe'.
    • Organic Basil Pesto (180ml) Our delicious pesto is made simply in Liguria with just healthy, natural ingredients – organically grown basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil and pine kernals. Suitable for vegans, this pesto is wonderful on pasta, great for adding to gnocchi or just for spreading on a bruschetta or in a sandwich.

    These products are presented in a lovely wicker hamper which is hand-tied with a beautiful ribbon. A gift message option is available at the checkout.

    Please note that if we are out of stock of any item we reserve the right to substitute it with the most similar available item.

    Hamper does not include dried chillies and kitchen accessories.

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