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'Carmelas Kitchen' Deluxe Pasta Making Hamper

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    We are excited to be working with the Pasta Queen herself Carmela Serena Hayes to create this very special hamper. A fabulous gift for someone who loves making pasta at home, this lovely wooden crate contains all of the essentials they will need from the best types of flour and an incredible organic olive oil, handy pasta tools and a drying rack to two of Carmela's best selling books!

    Carmela is a passionate Italian cookery tutor who specialises in the art of making pasta. Carmela is known as a pastaia (specialist pasta maker) and is also an event cookery demonstrator, recipe developer, food writer, founder and chef or a sell out supper club and author of three beautiful cookery books. Cooking simple, inexpensive, seasonal, flavoursome dishes whilst using good quality seasonal ingredients as her mantra. The most basic and mouth-watering of Italian dishes can take minutes, from an easy spaghetti dish to a slow cooked meat based sugo dish. Carmela shares her love of Italian food through her work as an Italian cookery author, magazine contributor and food columnist.

    We share Carmela's love of simple ingredients and the joy that comes from bringing a family together through food!

    What's inside 
    • A Passion for Pasta' by Carmela Serena Hayes. Carmela Sereno Hayes is the 'Pasta Queen'! Her second book shows us not only how to make pasta dough but also how to turn it into a variety of shapes and stunning designs using stripes, spots and delicate herbs. Her wide range of dishes delight not only with their exquisite taste but also with their beautiful and varied appearance!
    • 'Northern Italian Family Cooking' by Carmela Serena Hayes. Carmelas new book Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking takes the reader on a culinary journey from the breath-taking dolomites as far south as Lazio and Abruzzo. She explores the northern regions of Italy while focusing on polenta, rice, gnocchi, pasta, meat, game and seafood dishes. For the sweet lover amongst you fear not as Carmela has also included an array of delicious desserts, cakes and biscotti with a strong selection of aperitivi & digestivi for all palates.
    • Caputo Red 00 'Cuoco' Flour (1kg) Produced in Naples, the Caputo Red flour is a strong flour, higher in gluten and protein content and gives a stronger elasticity. 00 refers to the texture of the flour specifically how finely it has been ground, so this one is powder fine. The blend of the best wheat available and the slow grind technique used by the Antico Molino Caputo make this flour unique. It is also 100% natural and additive free! This flour is a great all-rounder and is ideal for all types of pasta, bread, cakes and sauces.
    • Caputo Semolina Flour (1kg) Caputo's semolina re-ground ('rimacinata') durum wheat flour has been milled twice to produce a finer flour than most semolinas. Semolina flour is made from a rougher variety of wheat and has a distinctive yellow colour. As it is a coarse flour it is considered to be healthier than fine white flour Semolina contains more carbohydrates, proteins and fibre than white flour which is rich in simple carbs but without fibre and protein. Semolina flour is recommended for certain traditional homemade pastas and breads adding structure and bite, and wherever the yellow colour, special texture and flavour of semolina are desired.
    • Organic Ligurian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) This excellent unfiltered cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil is perfect for making pasta. Made from olives cultivated in this beautiful area of the Italian Riviera, Imperia, known as the olive oil capital of Italy. It comes exclusively from the small, fragrant olives of the Taggiasca variety which give a low acidity, golden yellow oil with a delicate flavour.
    • Wooden Pasta Drying Stand. Dry your handmade pasta quickly and easily with our sturdy hand crafted drying stand. Drape the separate strands of fresh pasta over the wooden dowels and the air will circulate around them, this way they won't stick together or to any surfaces.The rack can be used for storing part of a batch of pasta ready for cooking while you finish preparing the rest or to dry a large batch fully and evenly which you can then store in an airtight container and use at a later date. It's also collapsible, so very easy to store!
    • Ravioli Tray with Rolling Pin. Create fresh, stuffed home-made ravioli with this easy to use, large round ravioli tray and rolling pin set. Just lay your prepared pasta sheet on top of the tray and gently press into the holes. Fill with the filling of your choice (ricotta & spinach, 'nduja, pumpkin...) and then simply place another sheet of pasta on top, sealing with the rolling pin. Just turn the tray upside down when you have finished to release the ravioli. The ravioli tray makes 12 ravioli at a time, each52x52mm. The tray is non-stick, easy to clean and an efficient way to make perfect batches of filled pasta.
    • Tagliatelle Cutter Rolling Pin. This Tagliatelle rolling pin with perfectly spaced ridgesmakes it easy to cut uniform strips of Tagliatelle from sheets of fresh pasta. This traditional-style Italian rolling pin measures 32cm, has been made in Italy and crafted from un-treated beech wood.
    • Fluted Pasta Cutter Wheel - Made from food-safe aluminium with a lovely beechwood handle, this wheel cutter will give a rustic feel to your pasta. It is ideal for cutting pasta ribbons or ravioli and can also be used for pastry.
    • Heart Shaped Ravioli Stamp - Make your own heart-shaped ravioli with this romantic pasta stamp! Made from food-safe aluminium with a lovely beechwood handle, this stamp is ideal for Valentine's Day, romantic dinners or birthdays. It can also be used as a pastry or biscuit cutter.
    • Circular Ravioli Stamp - Perfect for making round ravioli at home! 

    We wrap all breakable items carefully and individually inside the box and then tie with a beautiful ribbon. A gift message option is available at the checkout for you to send a personalised message to your recipient.

    Please note that if we are out of stock of any item we reserve the right to substitute it with the most similar available item.


    Suitable for Vegetarians & vegans

    Allergens: Wheat

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