Le Tamerici

Le Tamerici

This small company, based just outside Mantova in the Northern Italian countryside uses traditional methods allowing them to preserve colours and aromas without preservatives, additives, thickeners or anti-oxidants.

At Le Tamerici culinary tradition is combined with research and experimentation; a small world fired by enthusiasm for the local area and for food in all its guises.

Started in 1991 thanks to the dedication of Paola Calciolari, Le Tamerici produces fine quality preserves, in particular jams, mostarda and wine jellies.  Besides using local produce once typical of the Mantuan area but now largely forgotten, such as the Campanina Orchard Apple or white watermelon, they also candy fruit and vegetables, as green tomatoes and pumpkin.

All ingredients are carefully selected and processed fresh using special timing and methods that ensure colour and fragrance.

At Le Tamerici there is a spirit of craftmanship bringing together niche products with modern technology. The gradual expansion of the company has not brought about a reduction in quality. As proof of the high standard of their production processes they have been awarded several important international certifications of quality.

Over the years, the mostarde and jellies from Le Tamerici have ventured into new and bold flavours, winning over countless chefs all over Italy and beyond who use them as ingredients on their menus.