La Pasta di Aldo

La Pasta di Aldo

La Pasta di Aldo is described as the "finest pasta in Italy" by Heston Blumenthal in his book In Search of Perfection and is generally considered to one of the best pasta brands by the Italians.

Maria and Luigi live in the Marche, the Italian region where culinary tradition is handed down from generation to generation. But times change, habits change too and the need to have certainties is expressed in small things.
Maria and Luigi love family and know that love must be served at table. And love emerges from the little things. From a plate of pasta, for example.

Being artisans means studying the Masters, making attempts to reach your own concept of perfection and then testing a method. In the pasta factory of La Pasta di Aldo there is avant-garde, but the processing stages reflect the ways of the authentic housewives of Le Marche that, with rhythm and heart, transform the raw materials with precious mastery. The Aldo method is made of attention, details and simplicity.

From the dough to the finished product there are 2 ingredients, 6 stages and a maximum of 48 hours waiting.

The work tools are made by Maria and Luigi who have designed and built machines which are unique. The pasta, which is strictly long at the beginning, is dried slowly and hung, in the same way as the wheat dries in the fields. The box that preserves and presents the porous and inebriating egg pasta is the synthesis of the Aldo method: minimal, practical to use, designed and made in the pasta factory.