Caseificio Bio Reggiano

Caseificio Bio Reggiani

At the beginning the Caseificio was run by just xxxx and her husband, with a barn and 5 cows. Their farm was a small, but it gave them everything we needed to live. They made hay, milked cows in the yard, sold milk. It was hard work, but that gave a lot of satisfaction. Then the calves started to be born, they grew up and the farm got bigger and bigger. Their family also expanded with the birth of their  son. Of course, they have faced many difficulties, but have always hung in there! Their passion has allowed us to carry on our dream.

It's now been more than 30 years and today they have 1200 cows and their way of raising them has not changed. They are free in the stable, the bull does its job and is fed only with hay and cereals grown on the farm.

8 years ago they decided to take another step forward: by producing organic milk.

Then just 2 and a half years ago they decided to start making cheese too, they had no experience, but threw themselves into the business anyway.

Today they produce Parmigiano Reggiano, Caciotta, butter, mozzarella, ricotta and many other products; all organic.

They also started recycling organic animal waste to produce light and hot water. It was an important step to take, but they can already see the first results. They do not waste anything and make the most of every resource that they have.

The family's farm is open to anyone who wishes to see it. The family is always very happy to show it to those who come to visit. Their work is their dream, their life. And this is a story that they gladly tell you.

The cows are free, the bull does its job and is fed only with hay and cereals grown by the farm.

Winners of World Cheese Award 2019-20 for their Parmigiano Reggiano